5 Reasons You Should Invest In An Air Purifier

Over the last few years there has been a huge focus on the air that we breath, and possible contamination of it. As a result of this, you’ve probably heard about use of air purifiers, but may not be 100% sure what they do.

Air purifiers are designed to clean the air by removing harmful particles, big and small, to make the environment around you safer. Depending on the air purifier, some are also able to suppress bacterial reproduction and obviously, the more powerful and more innovative the purifier, the more effective they are at cleaning the air.

Here are our top 5 reasons of why you should invest in an air purifier:

They remove bacteria & viruses from the air

A big reason to invest in an air purifier, particularly in the current climate, is that they remove airborne contaminants that include bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. At Air Care Solutions we have medical grade air purifiers that use HEPA H13 Filters & UV light to not only trap, but also kill and sterilise the contaminants that it captures. Removing these health threats has therefore been proven to result in a decrease in staff sickness, safer classrooms and increased productivity!

Air Purifiers tackle odour

Sick of those nasty smells that linger? Whether it’s the unavoidable smell that comes with having public restrooms or natural odours that occur in schools, care homes and catering environments, air purifiers will remove smells from the air that you don’t want hanging around, leaving you to breathe in air that feels fresh and clean, and your space a more pleasant place to be

Want a pet but allergic to pet hair? Air purifiers can help with that.

Having an allergic reaction to pet dander – those fine particles of pet hair that are suspended in the air, invisible to the naked eye but still very much present and being inhaled at all times where pets reside – can make having a longed for pet not an option. Air purifiers work efficiently to remove these fur particles from the air, meaning you won’t suffer those unpleasant symptoms that can go hand in hand. Studies have shown that a reaction to pet dander is actually more common in children, so an air purifier in a setting with pets and small children is a sensible investment.

It makes life easier for those with hay fever & asthma

For those that suffer from asthma and hay fever, symptoms can be debilitating, and when it comes to asthma, the threat of an attack is an ever present one. Air purifiers remove allergens and pollen from the air, meaning you can feel safer when you breathe in, knowing that the air is clean and potential airborne threats have been removed and suppressed. If you’re thinking of investing in an air purifier for these reasons, it really is an investment in your health.

Formaldehyde is often present in new buildings

With many older buildings being knocked down in favour of new, more modern spaces – be it your home or workplace – it’s important to be mindful of what this entails. Formaldehyde is very often one of the toxins you’re inhaling when you have that ‘new smell’ that we all know and love, but it isn’t safe for us to breathe in! Purchasing an air purifier will take away the potential harm and work efficiently to ensure that there are no threats to your health and you’re increasing the safety of you and everyone around you.

Want to learn more? Check out how air purifiers work here.

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