RUHENS is a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of cutting edge water and air purification products, with exports to over 60 countries worldwide.  To ensure that all of their products remain cutting edge, RUHENS pledge 2% of their annual sales into research & development in order to develop their unique technology, safety processes and energy saving functionalities – ensuring you have complete peace of mind when purchasing any of our RUHENS product, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


With many years of experience in the service industry supplying businesses throughout the UK, the Directors of Air Care Solutions Limited have learnt the value of sourcing products of the very highest standards, to ensure that both reliability and reputation are guaranteed. For a long time, the air purification marketplace provided a safer environment for people to work in, as well as fulfilling many other health benefits by providing cleaner air to those in need. We promise to only supply top quality, well researched & tested products that we believe in, to keep you safe.


No one could have foreseen the unprecedented impact that Covid-19 has had on the World. Placing greater demands than ever on the need for clean air environments, where people must feel safe spending many hours alongside their work colleagues & customers every day. As a result, Air Care Solutions has become an exclusive distributor of the RUHENS brand in the UK, offering the supply, installation and servicing of RUHENS air purification products for your business: Medical Grade air purifiers that remove 99.9% of airborne contaminants and that you can rely on.