Commercial and Office Air Purifiers

Breathe easier in the office…The importance of having energetic and productive workers in a successful firm cannot be overstated. Studies show that poor air quality is linked to a high percentage of absenteeism. Air Care Solutions’ UV technology can help you relax, knowing that many of the hazardous allergens and viruses in the air have been destroyed.

To ensure optimal air quality in your office, installing an office air purifier is crucial. Air Care Solutions offers commercial and office air purifiers that use HEPA filters and UV technology to clean the air of harmful particles. These purifiers improve the air quality in your office and help keep your employees healthy and productive. With Air Care Solutions, you can breathe easy knowing that your office has the best air quality possible.

How do office air purifiers by Air Care Solutions work?

Our office air purifiers have been designed with a multi-stage active filtration system that uses HEPA filters and UV technology to clean the air of harmful particles. Our office purifiers also have a built-in ioniser that helps to remove smoke, dust, and other allergens from the air.

A 2-year warranty backs the Air Care Solutions office air purifier range, so you can be sure that your product will continue to work effectively for years to come.

For more technical details, head over to our How it Works section.

Why office air purification matters

The office is one of the most common places where people suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems. This is because office environments are often full of dust, pollen, mould, and other allergens that can trigger asthma and hay fever symptoms.

Office air purifiers by Air Care Solutions can help to remove these allergens from the air, providing relief for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems. Additionally, office air purifiers can help prevent the spread of colds and flu in the office. If you are looking for a way to improve the air quality in your office, Air Care Solutions has the perfect solution for you! Browse our range of office air purifiers today, or speak to us directly on 01244 987 443.

What are the key areas to place air purifiers in the workplace?


Communal wash areas breed germs and bacteria. Remove 99.9% of pollutants and trap microscopic allergens and particles with Air Care Solutions patented technology to capture gases, including odours, household fumes and formaldehyde commonly found in commercial materials. Removing unpleasant odours with a RUHENS air purifier is a simple but important step in ensuring peace of mind regarding the cleanliness of wash rooms.

Meeting Rooms

Make your first good decision before you’ve started your meeting. An air purifier is designed to give you the best quality air, leaving you focussed and performing well, both physically and mentally. Make those board meetings or client presentations effective. Real-time display on all air purifiers shows your air quality, which gives you the peace of mind that you’re optimising your surroundings, so that you can operate at the highest standard and encourage your team to be as productive as possible

Reception Areas

Receptions/reception areas can be the busiest area with guests, deliveries and staff passing every minute. With a high intake of people passing through, it’s important to make sure that any bacteria, viruses, particles in the air, being introduced in to the environment, are being removed instantly, ensuring a safe, clean air space for everyone.  Maintain the highest standards with an air purifier to tackle not only airborne contaminants, but also unwanted odours, keeping the area fresh and giving off a great first impression – one that really matters.

Communal Kitchens

Your office’s kitchen is often the hub of activity, with staff members coming and going throughout the day. This space must be kept clean and fresh to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria by using a commercial purifier that will absorb even the finest particles in the polluted air in the room, including ultrafine particles.

Desk areas

Your office’s desk areas are where your staff members spend most of their time. The air in this space should be as clean and fresh as possible to create a healthy and productive environment. Our air purifiers can help by removing pollutants and cooking odours from the air in your workplace kitchen.

The Smoking Area

If your office has a smoking area, it is essential that the air in this space is as clean and fresh as possible to protect nonsmokers from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. By using a carbon filter, unpleasant tobacco odours and formaldehyde get filtered and cleaned from the air.

Common pollutants contaminating the air in your workplace

Here are a few of the known pollutants…

  • Germs and viruses spread through sneezing and coughing
  • Old buildings: dust, mould and bacteria are 10 times more likely to be circulated
  • Renovated building. Hazardous materials into the air (e.g. asbestos, lead)
  • Recently painted walls, new carpets and furniture can emit chemicals such as formaldehyde for up to 5 years
  • Computers, photocopiers and other electrical equipment. Toxic gases that are known to trigger asthma related allergies
  • Laser printers can emit dangerous fine particles
  • Cleaning products. Produce harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Fluorescent lighting may produce photochemical smog
  • Moist plant soils are breeding grounds for mould and bacteria
  • Naturally occurring but unpleasant odours, particularly from kitchen and bathroom areas

Keeping employees and clients safe.

Ruhens air purifiers removes 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria and other pollutants

Greenpeace office with air purifier

Greenpeace invest in office air purifiers to alleviate Covid concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many air purifiers do I need for my office?

    The size of your office will dictate how many air purifiers you need. While you may require more than one product from other sellers, air purifiers like our RUHENS WHA 320 UVC purifier effectively eliminate germs and odours in medium-sized environments like offices up to 70m2 using only one machine. If you have a larger office of up to 140m2, we recommend looking at the RUHENS WHA 400 UVC.

  2. Why rent or purchase your office air purifier from Air Care Solutions?

    Renting medical-grade office air purifiers from Air Care Solutions is a cost-effective way to ensure your office space is always kept clean and fresh. We offer a range of high-quality products to suit a range of budgets and requirements, so you can be sure to find the perfect product for your needs.

  3. Do air purifiers reduce sickness in the office?

    As air purifiers remove harmful viruses and bacteria from the air they do reduce the risk of employees becoming ill during their time working in the office.

  4. How long does it take to install an air purifier?

    All of our units are portable plug in and play models so really easy to use and install. Upon delivery, our friendly team of engineers will provide you with training on how to use each purification unit.

  5. Can an air purifier reduce the risk of Covid in an office?

    Air purifiers, while not being able to entirely reduce the danger of Covid, will help to reduce the amount of virus in the air and improve air quality. This is especially crucial in enclosed environments such as offices and meeting rooms, where there is a higher probability of infection.