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Purifies rooms up to 70m² 
Perfect for medium sized environments such as offices, restaurants, classrooms, waiting rooms and salons

Cluster ionizer
Effectively eliminates germs and odours (colon bacillus, ammonia, etc.) by releasing the cluster ionizer into the air.

Real-time display of air quality
Check air quality at a glance by the colour of LED with the dust sensor able to detect PM 2.5 (ultrafine particles).

Smart features
Useful, convenient and smart features like automatic air volume control, timer setting, sleep mode, etc.

Removal of the ultrafine particle (PM1.0)
Not only the invisible fine dust but also the ultrafine particle that is harmful to the human body can be removed.

Clean 4-Stage Filtration System with UVC sterilisation
Eliminate harmful airborne viruses, dust, bacteria and mildews through the 4-stage filtration system (Pre-filter, deodorization filter, antibacterial filter and HEPA H13 filter).

Powerful air-cleaning with 6013 air holes
Total of 6013 air holes placed on the four sides of WHA-300 purify the air by absorbing polluted air in the room, including ultrafine particle.

275 x 278 x 710 mm

Cleans Up to 70m²
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