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Purifies rooms up to 45m² 
Perfect for smaller environments such as kitchens, small offices and retail shops.

Advanced technology for air cleaning
RUHENS purifiers create a pleasant air by emitting an ion cluster which effectively removes germs and microorganisms, such as staphylococcus aureus, from the air.

The 4-stage LED lamp
A sensor detects the indoor air pollution level and displays its degree of air pollution through 4 different colours.

Smart Sleep Mode
The airflow speed and light will be optimized automatically during sleep mode for a more pleasant slumber.

Removal of the ultrafine particle (PM1.0)
Not only the fine dust invisible but also the ultrafine particle that is harmful to the human body can be removed.

Clean 4-Stage Filtration System
Eliminate harmful viruses like dust, bacteria and mildews through the 4-stage filtration system (Pre-filter, deodorization filter, antibacterial filter and HEPA H13 filter).

430 x 280 x 642 mm

Up to 45 sqm
220v. 60hz
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