5 Reasons Why Your School Needs Air Purifiers In Classrooms

In general, classrooms have always been a hotspot for germs being passed around and any illness really does tend to spread like wildfire. Throw in the health threats that have been prominent over the last few years and it really is more important than ever to make sure that the air inside your classroom is as clean as possible.

Here we share our top 5 reasons for using an air purifier in your classroom:

1. Air quality has been put in to the spotlight over the past few years with the Coronavirus and its high transmission rates. It has been taking out whole classrooms at a time, threatening the health of both staff and pupils! Whilst there are simple measure we can take to stay as healthy as possible, such as opening windows to ensure there is always fresh air circulating through the classroom, and encouraging everyone to wash their hands thoroughly, as well as staying home if they show any signs of illness, it simply isn’t enough to optimally keep your air clean. Having an air purifier with a HEPA filter will not only remove harmful toxins from the air, including bacteria and viruses, it will also ensure that bacterial reproduction is supressed.

2. Air purifiers have the ability to tell you the quality of the air in a room from the moment they are turned on. This means that if you turn on your air purifier and are alerted to poor quality air, it will only take a few minutes for your air purifier to quickly and efficiently remove those harmful toxins, allowing you to breathe safely.

3. Air purifiers are able to remove odours, allergens and dust particles from the air. This allows children to learn without distraction, as simple common triggers that might distract from attention – from an unpleasant smell to Hay Fever symptoms flaring up – won’t be hanging round the air.

4. There are many studies that have been done on the benefits of having an air purifier in the classroom, and having clean air has been proven to increase attention and improve attitude to learning. Having clean air makes both staff and pupils feel brighter, more alert and able to focus on the task in hand – making the learning day more enjoyable all round!

5. Air purifiers have been proven to reduce sickness in both adults and children. Increased attendance means improved performance from both children and adults and relieves some of the added, unnecessary pressures of the academic year that come from having extended time off.

There really are so many benefits to using an air purifier in a classroom and there are even areas that have government funding in place to cover the cost of improving air quality – highlighting how important it really is! At Air Care Solutions, we offer both rental and outright purchase plans, meaning we are able to be flexible to your needs and budget.

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